Max abstractions

In this page, you will find a few Max abstractions (more coming soon) that were created during the development of Comprovisador. If you are a Max programer, you might find them useful. You can download and use them freely, as long as you credit the author.

After downloading, unzip and copy inside your “Packages” folder.

pedrnun.miralizer – Visualize unsupported objects in mira / miraweb.

Note: this abstraction uses [jit.desktop] which doesn’t work with Max 7 in 64-bit mode. It does work with Max 7 in 32-bit mode and it should work (not tested yet) with Max 8 (64-bit only).

pedrnun.recorder – Minimalistic multitrack recorder.

  • use inside a [bpatcher];
  • set the number of analog and software inputs (maximum: 16) via the dedicated number boxes or as arguments;
  • click the toggle to start recording;
  • each take gets a unique chronological file name with an optional suffix.

pedrnun.data_recorder (coming soon) – Record any data stream in JSON format.

  • use in slave mode with pedrnun.recorder to record the data stream in sync with the corresponding audio;
  • playback in slave mode, too.